Record #341: Wolf Parade’s ‘Expo 86’

I’ve long been a fan of Wolf Parade’s 2005 debut Apologies to the Queen Mary and its 2008 followup, At Mount Zoomer. It’s good to see this prolific bunch of Canucks drifting back to the Parade after their outings with Handsome Furs, Frog Eyes, Swan Lake, Sunset Rubdown, et al. With their forthcoming full-length, Expo 86, Wolf Parade keep up the earnest, guitar-centric indie rock — an over-saturated genre in which WP seem to have actually carved a unique and memorable niche … a difficult task in this century — but they’ve also thrown a handful of newly apparent influences into the mix. Songs are frequently centered on classic rock-style grooves, with less empty space than past releases (especially Zoomer), not to mention the straight-up new wave intro (a la Thomas Dolby or Gary Numan) to “Oh You, Old Thing.” Yet another strong collection of diverse but stylistically linked tunes, plus the three or four that stand out above the rest. Wolf Parade have this down to a science, methinks. Expo 86 is out June 26 on Sub Pop.

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