Record #332: Colour Revolt’s ‘The Cradle’

The Cradle is the forthcoming LP from Mississippi natives and guitar-heavy indie-rock purveyors Colour Revolt. I hadn’t listened to Colour Revolt before receiving this promo copy today, but they’ve apparently seen some rough times in the recent past: They lost three members and were dropped from Fat Possum, but, seemingly in an impressive show of work ethic and resourcefulness, The Cradle will be out via Dualtone on Aug. 10. A lot of these tunes are angular, jagged, ’90s-influenced rock tracks with plenty of dirty, hard-edged licks and half-screamed, verbose, acerbic lyrics; brings to mind acts like Seam, Silkworm and Chavez. They also have a nuanced, textured side that reveals itself on ballads like “Everything Is the Same.” I really like album-opener “8 Years,” which seems to tell the tale of the band’s rocky history, complete with aggressive, road-weary lyrics and a rapid, urgent delivery. Solid rock record.

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