Record #298: Let’s Wrestle’s ‘In the Court of the Wrestling Let’s’

Nearly everything about Let’s Wrestle’s June 2009 release — most notably its King Crimson-spoofing title and its casual, punkish indie-rock delivery — feels throwback. From The Fall to Pavement to Husker Du, these Brits seem to have taken their cues from all of the bests in the game. They’ve got the dark, wry and neurotic lyrics, jangly, three-piece instrumentation and the urgent sort of one-take delivery of early college rock, post-punk and indie rock — you know, all the genres that kept rock ’n’ roll from dying in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Solid debut, though it certainly doesn’t bring anything cutting-edge to the table. And it’s got 16 tracks, so you likely won’t find yourself aching for more.

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