Record #143: Rockpile’s ‘Seconds of Pleasure’

Released in 1980, Seconds of Pleasure is the only true album from traditional rock ’n’ rollers Rockpile. They served as the touring and recording band for the solo projects of respective frontmen Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe—of whom I’m a pretty big fan—but this is their first and last collaborative effort. Seconds of Pleasure is primarily composed of relatively traditional, boogie-woogie, ’50s-influenced rock ’n’ roll with a bit of a rockabilly bent. There are loads of shuffles and up-tempo, bopping rock numbers with riffing guitar parts, four-on-the-floor beats and bright, poppy vocal melodies. This record features some truly awesome pop songs, not to mention plenty of jovial, ridiculous lyrics (no surprise for fans of Lowe). While I won’t say this effort is necessarily one-trick pony territory, it all does exist in the same range as far as dynamics, tempo and stylistic approach. That said, these tunes are catchy and totally representative of that style of rock ’n’ roll that has existed since the genre’s inception and will remain until its demise. Think Chuck Berry, early Beatles, Billy Joel, Elvis Costello, The Libertines, Stray Cats. Very by-the-book, but still unique and catchy.

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