Record #113: Shaboi’s ‘Curse Walk’

This one’s fun. My friend Michael, who runs YK Records, just helped a local by the name of Shaboi release a timely collection of Halloween-themed ditties, and you can download all 10 of them at Shaboi’s Bandcamp for free. I mentioned in a Cream entry earlier today that Curse Walk features everything from “funky 8-bit hip-hop (‘Rapsylvania ‘88’) to vampire trad-country swing (‘Hit the Town’).” But all foolin’ aside, the eclecticism on this release is actually impressive. Whoever this Shaboi fellow may be, he clearly has a broad palette as far as influences and skills go, and these tunes are not only funny but actually pretty catchy on occasion. From time to time I enjoy heartily mirthful records, and this one’s certainly good for a Halloween-mood-inducing chuckle, not to mention a few sick beats and a lovely arrangement or two. Plus it’s free. Go download!

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